Solar tech solution and service center has been established as a solar product & services company in Madhya Pradesh, INDIA. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of properties in solar market. Solar tech solution is the brighter and more affordable way to power your home & your small office. We believe people should have a choice in how to produce the solar energy they use to live every day. This is why we are making it easy for people to choose to go solar.
We are developing, applying and offering best solution to solar energy needs to all classes of society using solar energy sources, through continues product & technical innovation, customer orientation & a focus on cost effeteness and develop Smart Solar Villages in Madhya Pradesh. In addition to we are working solar awareness mission in rural area and rural electrification through solar energy. We are a for-profit business with a social mission: to eradicate deadly killers like kerosene and ensure a more energy-equitable future for millions of households. Our brand is based on customer trust—unless rural households can rely on us for dedicated service, education, and continued local presence, they will go back to using dangerous forms of energy.
We promise to provide high quality products, educate the masses about solar, create local access to these solutions, provide on the spot after-sales service, and stay in constant touch with our end customers. We believe that true customer service is the key to satisfaction, and solar tech solution will always put the customer first.
We are developing a model System of Solar hub shop in which is easy to replicate and has been proven to provide successful results. Another aspect of using the solar hub is that your costs may be reduced. Highly successful Solar tech solution franchises usually become a well-developing supply chain, Solarhub will help in getting materials on time and reducing your costs, Pre-Opening Support, Marketing Support and Ongoing Support. Part of the model is proven products. Such products are well known to customers and have gained widespread acceptance. customers associate their products to be reliable and of good quality. Thus consumers will associate your Solarhub shop in your District with value and this will be a big boost to your business prospects.